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How do I get Big? How can I gain muscle easily even if I cant seem to add on weight? How do I lose fat while increasing both weight and muscle?

 Let's Face it building muscle is hard. It's easy for some people but in most cases unless you have some incredible genetics working on your side, getting the body you want is very difficult. However, scientists are continuously making major breakthroughs in muscle development and we now have several products that can actually enhance muscle growth and help you get the muscle growth you are looking for. Unless you are going to risk your health with illegal anabolic steroids the products discussed below are the most effective legal muscle growth supplements.  These new supplements actually safely mimic the effects of steroids enlarging your muscles by allowing you to lift more weight, endure longer workouts and speed recovery which is the key to building muscle.

"I want to get bigger and there are thousands of products to help build muscle." "Which one do I take!!?"  We have examined and tested literally hundreds of products and found the most effective supplements available to help you find the product that will work best for you.


2 Critical Steps to success in building muscle: Besides hitting the gym which you should do about 5 times a week to really get things moving and to see an increase in growth, there are two critical steps to building new muscle:

STEP 1.) Muscle Building Supplements - If you have tried the gym forever and not gotten the results you wanted or expected its time to try something new to get you over that plateau.

STEP 2.) Protein Supplements - Unless you are going to drink raw eggs throughout the day, You have got to supplement with protein or get at least 1gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Taking a shake in the morning and then after a workout and before bed works best.

 Listed in the grid below today's best products for both muscle growth and protein supplementation.


 Below are the critical factors that were used to determine a supplements effectiveness:

* Quality and effectiveness of indgredients
* Product Safety
* Formula Quality
* Customer Service
* Speed of shipping
* Cost of product and Value of Product Offer
* Product and Manufacturer Authenticity
* Short and long term Muscle Building results
* Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

All of the products featured on the site are safe herbal muscle building supplements and come from quality manufacturers with 100% money back guarantees as well so you can be confident in your purchase and start building massive muscle today.

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#1.) XtremeNO XtremeNO is our #1 most effective muscle building supplement available. It's main ingredient L-Argenine works to effectively increase the nitrous oxide levels in muscle and increase growth and muscle size. It has effects that you can actually feel at the gym. This muscle supplement has noticeable results in the first week of use. It increases strength so the weight feels like its lifting itself and it allows you to do more reps without feeling tired.  You will notice the effect once you start getting into your routine. You will be able to lift more weight than normal and your muscles will in turn increase in size. Gains depend on your body type but you can expect to gain about 10 pounds of muscle after the first few weeks with a good diet and protein supplementation. For best results continued use is best.  3 to 6 months is sufficient to see initial results.

Fast-Acting Noticeable results the first week

  Big Gains in Lean Muscle 6 - 12 lbs

#1 New Product for Building Muscle Mass 

Overall Rating

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2.) HyperGH 14X NEW!  Hyper Gh is the best Growth Hormone Supplement Available It is a two part system that when used as directed will boost the Growth Hormone released in the body by over 4000%. Users can expect to see harder pumps growth of muscle mass and a ripped look due to the fat loss effects of HGH. Click on the Links to the right To learn More!

Most Powerful HGH Supplement Available

Top Product for leaning out

  Lean Muscle Gains 10+ pounds

Overall Rating

Single Month 79.95

Best Deal: 6 Months For $384.99 (Save $95) + free shipping


3.) TESTORX Testorx is a powerful testosterone booster that works effectively to boost your natural testosterone levels similar to the anabolic steroid test cympionate. This product that will help you put on a few pounds, increase your strength and muscle size. It has a patented blend of ingredients formulated to boost testosterone levels. This formula is better than most testosterone boosters because it also has an anti estrogen/aromatase blend (to stop any unwanted testosterone related side effects like gynecomastia from developing) and and energy boosting formula to help power through your workouts. 

Formulated to increase natural testosterone levels

 Moderate Lean Muscle Gains 5 - 6 pounds

Overall Rating

Single Bottle 34.95

Best Deal: Buy2 Months Get 1 Free 69.95

4.) HGH Energizer HGH Energizer is a relatively new product that was developed to mimic the effects of Human Growth Hormone. I did feel some added energy at the gym but the overall effect were not as prevalent as with the Xtremeno and TestoRx. It stimulates the creation of HGH in the body with nutrients that may be slowing the production of HGH. As we age the body produces less and less HGH and by increasing the production in your body you can expect to feel more energetic, gain lean muscle mass etc.. Essentially it  brings the boys back to a youthful state. This supplement is the best way to supplement your HGH production and increase natural HGH in the body.


Promotes Muscle toning

Increases Energy and Stmaina

Overall Rating

Single Bottle $49.95

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Description, Information & Video (if available) Rating Lowest Price

1.) Whey Protein - This is one far the best protein supplements available. It tastes great and it has more protein and nutrients than any protein supplement.  It is also the most effective protein because of its time release protein complex that provides protein to your body at the most critical times throughout the day and when you are sleeping. The best attribute of this product is that it tastes great. The taste of the protein is a big deal too because you are taking it 3 times a day and its hard to do when you have to drink something that you don't like.


This is the same product in a weight gainer formula for those who need to pack on the pounds. If you aren't a big eater and you want to pack on some pound this is the best high calorie protein supplement.

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Pure Whey Formula with added Essential Vitamins for Muscle Growth

 51 Grams of Protein per serving!

 Great Tasting for daily use

Overall Rating

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2.)  Labrada Pro V 60- This is another great protein supplement and one of the best protein supplements as far as taste vs protein content. It has a great taste, it has plenty of nutrients great and best of all 60 grams of protein per serving.


Great Tasting easy to drink

60 Grams of Protein per serving

Overall Rating


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3.) Muscle Milk by CytoSport Muscle milk is the most popular protein supplement the only downfall is that it didn't taste that great and if you don't have a strong stomach it may give you a stomach ache.



contains Creatine for added muscle support in workouts

Overall Rating


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